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Skincare for Men and Women

Treat yourself today with skincare treatments from Full Moon Waxing. No need to bother with crowded salons or overpriced spas when we offer a first-class experience at a price you can afford. Whether you’re looking for a facial, brow tinting, body wraps, microdermabrasion, or high frequency treatments, we’ll provide first-class care for you skin, head to toe.

With so many skincare options to choose from, it may be difficult to determine exactly what might work best for you. We offer a judgement-free consultation without the high-pressure sales tactics typically employed by national salons. Give Full Moon Waxing a try, and you’ll be a client for life. Your skin will thank you.

Services and Pricing

Facials and Tints
Double cleanse, exfoliation, extractions if needed, facial mask with a light massage. All products and techniques will be tailored to fit your personal skincare needs.
Chemical Peel$45
Add on service to a facial. We apply a solution to your skin to remove the outer layers. The skin then grows back smoother.
Brow Tint$20
We custom mix your perfect shade of dye to darken and shape your brows.
Lash Tint$20
Darken and lift your lashes with our professional treatment.
Lash and Brow Tint$30
Why choose? We tint your eyelashes and brows for the perfect look.
High Frequency
High Frequency of the Face$20
A high frequency current firms and tones by causing an immediate circulation rush to your skin. It's cleansing antibacterial action gets rid of toxins, treats acne, cold sores, and fine lines. This treatment can also help lessen the appearance of cellulite
High Frequency Treatment for Large Area$45
Treat a large section of your body (i.e. your back or legs) with a High Frequency treatment.
High Frequency Treatment for Small Area$20
Treat a small section of your body (i.e. a scar on the back of your hand) with a High Frequency treatment.
Microdermabrasion on the Face$35
This treatment helps soften the top layer of skin and reduce the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fade sunspots. With multiple treatments, you can achieve a smooth, even skin tone.
Microdermabrasion on Large Area$50
Microdermabrasion treatment for a large area (i.e. your back or legs) of your body.
Microdermabrasion on Small Area$30
Microdermabrasion treatment for a small area (i.e. a scar on your hand) of your body.
Skincare for Your Body
Back Facial$70
A relaxing cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, mask, then a light massage using oils.