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Waxing Services for Men

You don’t have to be a bodybuilder to want healthy younger-looking skin. An ever-increasing number of men are ditching the clippers or razors and consulting a professional esthetician. Some desire smoother skin for sports or romantic reasons. Others simply want to look their best.

Full Moon Waxing in North Raleigh is here to help with all your “manscaping” needs. We only use the highest-quality wax to ensure your skin looks healthy and strong. Since we remove the roots with the hair, your skin stays smooth longer and you shouldn’t need to groom as frequently. For most men, the treatment lasts three to five weeks.

Our waxing salon is a judgment-free zone. Your comfort is our priority. Whether you’re doing it for yourself or for that significant other, we’re here to help with all your waxing needs.

Services and Pricing

Head and Neck
Full Face$70
We wax your lips, eyebrows, chin, sideburns and everything in between.
Shape and trim your eyebrows.
Clean the inside of your nose removing unsightly and uncomfortable hair.
Nose Top$12
Clean hair from the top of your nose.
Clean excess hair from inside and outside of your ears including the outer frame.
Clean the side of your face from your hairline to your jawline.
Remove hair from the top of your shoulders to the back of your hairline.
Boxer Area
Remove all hair from your beltline down to your upper thighs including the full-frontal area and butt strip.
Partial BROzillian$55
Remove hair from the beltline down to your upper thighs in front.
Boxer Brief$125
Remove all hair from the beltline down including your thighs, front and back.
Full Butt$35
Clean hair from your cheeks and butt line.
Butt Strip$20
Remove hair from the butt line.
Shoulders and Torso
Clean from the bottom of your neck to the top of your arm.
Treat the entire chest area from the collarbone to the bottom of your ribcage.
Remove hair from around your nipples.
Remove all hair from your stomach area to your beltline.
Stomach Strip$12
Trim and define the 'happy trail' line on your lower stomach.
Full Back$70
Remove hair from your back, starting just below the shoulders to your beltline.
Half Back$35
Remove hair from the top or bottom half of your back—Your choice.
Arms and Hands
Full Arms$60
Clean hair from below the shoulders to the wrists, all around.
Half Arms$35
Remove hair from your elbow to wrist or from the bottom of your shoulder to your elbow. Your choice.
Under Arms$20
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Wax from your wrists to knuckles.
Legs and Feet
Full Leg$105
Wax both legs all around, ankle to upper thigh.
Half Leg$60
Remove hair on both legs from the ankle to your knee or from the knee to your upper thighs. Your choice.
Inner Thigh$25
Wax from the inside of your inner thigh to the top of your leg.
Clean hair from your ankle to your toe knuckles.